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To view your balance due, please select NEXT and ENTER ONLY ONE SEARCH CRITERIA in the search box. To search using your bill number, enter the red bill digits in bold font located in the upper, left hand corner of your tax bill. Other search options are also available for your convenience.

**Please note: It may take up to three business days for credit card and echeck payments initiated online or via telephone to be applied to outstanding bills.

Service Fees are applied as follows:
Electronic checks: No Fee Transaction Maximum: $250,000
VISA Debit: $3.95 per transaction
Credit/Debit: 2.35% per transaction, $1.95 minimum

FOR E-CHECK PAYMENTS: If your business accounts has a “Debit Filter or Debit Block”, notify your bank to allow Forte Payment Systems (Company ID: 1330903620) to debit your account or contact Forte customer service at (866) 290-5400.

The Buncombe County Tax Administrator has entered into an agreement with Forte to provide taxpayers this automated payment service. Forte will charge a “service fee” for credit/debit cards processed using this service, no “service fee” is charged for electronic check payments using this service. The “service fee” is not part of your tax and Buncombe County will not receive any portion of the fee associated with this payment service.

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